The Knighthood

In Arthurian legend, Arthur's knights served the crown and dedicated their lives to chivalry, courtesy, honor, and protection of the innocent. In the AOA, The Knighthood serves as a home for members aspirig to those same ideals.


If, upon completing their Pagehood, a member decides to enter the Martial Program, they must be sponsored as a Squire to an existing Knight. This Knight has the duty and responsibility to help prepare the squire for knighthood.


Becoming a Knight in the AOA requires proficiency of Arms and fealty (loyalty and service) to the organization. Proficiency of Arms is taught, and fealty is measured by dedication to Arthurian Ideals.

Knight of the White Shield

In Arthurian literature, these were the knights in their first year of knighthood who had not earned the right to bear a coat of arms on their shields. They were appointed defenders of the Queen, at whose hand they learned Courtly Graces.

Knight of the Round Table

These were the Knights of renown and prowess, expected to serve as examples of chivalry and courtesy to all persons. Before a Knight of the White Shield is considered for ascention to Round Table status they must sponsor a squire to the level of White Shield. Round Table Knights are afforded the right to wear personal heraldry.

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