As a member of the Arthurian Order of Avalon, a person has the opportunity to learn a wide variety of crafts and skills. Our organization has two programs which serve as guides for learning and contain levels of achievement which serve as a testament to a member's effort and dedication to the program.


The Domestic Program has established tiered requirements which Order of the Solar called the progressively take participants in the program through three ranks of accomplishment: Maid/Youth, Lady Steward/Lord Steward, and Chatelaine/Chamberlain. The majority of skills learned as a person progresses through the Order of the Solar can be learned within the Domestic Guilds. However, there are several other skills (leadership, management, and diplomacy- to name a few) which are learned from a chosen sponsor and other members of the Order.


The Martial Program has established requirements as well. The three ranks within The Knighthood are Squire, Knight of the White Shield, and Knight of the Round Table. Many of the skills of a Knight can be learned through the Martial Guilds and the rest (much like the Solar) are learned from their chosen sponsor and other knights of the realm.

The Leadership Program

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