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Introducing the Super-Soft Tournament!

To say the year 2020 was hard is an understatement. Thankfully, this event won't be!

The Super-Soft Tournament is a digital DIY, challenge-based scavenger hunt intended for members to shake-off the quarantine fatigue, flex some creativity, and start getting into the groove of hanging out with more people than just their households. Our executive leadership wanted something fun and easy for the group to do while also embracing what we learned from our video projects for the Virtual Medieval Fair of Norman (You can find those videos on our website). So, we came up with this idea.

Members are given a set of challenges - all super-soft themed - that they may do by themselves or with friends, provided they are following CDC guidelines for vaccinated and non-vaccinated people. Challenges are based on different areas of interest the group covers (see our Guilds page), and must be photographed or filmed. Members must upload their files to a designated Google Drive between June 18 - July 3. From July 5-9, members will vote for their favorite submissions, and awards will be given out at a picnic on July 10.

A full list of rules and challenges will be released on June 17, but here is a preview of some of to expect:

- Flimsy Joust -

  • Joust with a foam noodle, rolled-up blanket, body pillow, etc.

    • Your opponent is up to you…

- Knights in Comfy Armor -

  • Create armor using soft or comfy items - i.e. pillow greaves, blanket capes, bathrobe gambesons, etc. Then take a picture/make a video showcasing your armor.

    • NOTE: wearing JUST a gambeson/arming jacket is cheating. However, gambesons can be used for arming points for your soft/comfy armor.

- Phrasin' Blazon -

  • Record yourself poorly describing a piece of heraldry. I.e.

    • Gawain: A mutant two-headed bird belly-flopping into a pool of grape flavored Gatorade

    • Kay: Two keys placed like a fork and knife of a blue placemat

- Sweet Victory -

  • Replace the pieces from a board or tabletop game with candy, cookies, dessert snacks, regular snacks, plushies, toys, crafts, or other “sweet” things.

We will share the winners and some of our favorite submissions shortly after July 10. In the meantime, explore our website if you haven't already done so, and check back in every now and to see new content from our videos and blog!

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