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The Guild of Scholars

No matter what aspect of the Middle Ages captures your imagination, the Scholar’s Guild can help you to explore the subject further and pass along your enthusiasm to others.


As an educational organization, one of the primary missions of the Arthurian Order of Avalon is to educate its members and the general public about Medieval culture and history. The Scholar’s Guild is tasked with directing the scholastic efforts of the AOA’s populace. All guild members are instructed in Arthurian lore and encouraged to explore their own research interests. This can take the form of research papers and displays for use in the Educational Tent at the Norman Medieval Fair, as well as more advanced seminars.


The Norman Medieval Fair is the AOA’s largest performance and education venue. Each year, the AOA provides a variety of educational displays and demonstrations to the public through the Education Tent. The displays range from Medieval arms and armor to science to needlework to Medieval games and pastimes. These displays allow member to showcase their personal research and share their passion for a subject with others. Members also conduct public demonstrations of skills learned through other guilds and provide a historical context for their work.

In addition to the Medieval Fair, the AOA conducts educational seminars to school and library groups throughout the metro Oklahoma City area. These presentations can be customized to any audience and allow the members of the Scholar’s Guild to develop their skills in public speaking and research. If you are a local teacher or librarian who would like to incorporate a seminar or demonstration into your curriculum, please contact us for more information.

Meet the Guild Master

Jenny Lang, Master of the Guild of Scholars
Knight of the Round Table
Chatelaine of the Order of the Solar
Order of Athena
Dutchess of Avalon
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