While the knights rode forth to protect the innocent, competent women and men, known as Ladies and Stewards, remained behind to tend to the needs of the castle and the people. The Domestic Program involves those "behind the scenes" and often unglamorous tasks necessary for the performance and social aspects of the AOA.


If, upon completing their Pagehood, a member desires to enter the Domestic Program, they must be sponsored as a Maid/Youth to an existing Lady/Steward. The sponsor has the duty and responsibility to help prepare the Maid/Youth for becoming Lady/Steward.


In the AOA, becoming a Lady or Steward requires proficiency in duties and fealty (loyalty and service) to the organization. Duties are taught and fealty is measured by dedication to the Arthurian Ideals.


Ladies, Stewards, Chatelaines, and Chamberlains are expected to continually demonstrate proficiency in their areas and sponsor Maids and Youths in the Domestic Program. Following completion of their requirements and service to the AOA, Ladies/Stewards are afforded the right to dress in their chosen colors. Chatelaines/Chamberlaines are also affored to right to design and wear a heraldic patch and a personal motto.

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