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The Guild of Artisans

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." -Pablo Picasso


The Guild of Artisans is a safe place where members can learn about and improve their own individual artistic skills. Our Guild caters to a wide variety of artistic mediums ranging from drawing to photography and even graphic design.


Each member is challenged to explore outside their own comfort zones and discover aspects of themselves through artistic expression. We do this through a structured three-tiered curriculm with an emphasis on Contemporary Concepts and Medieval Art History. Each member's journey through the Guild curriculum is individualized and at a self-determined pace. There is no time limit and there are no professional expectations weighing on the individual.


The goal of the Guild of Artisans is to show that all art is valid because all people and their voices are valid. We are a community within a larger organization each learning valuable leadership skills through self reflection, self validation, and empathy.

Meet the Guild Master

Melissa Storm, Master of the Guild of Artisans

Melissa Storm's approach to teaching focuses on an individual's ability to freely express themselves creativly and learn valuable problem-solving skills.


The curriculum  of the Guild of Artisans includes learning technical skills, exploring different mediums, and understanding why we create the things we do. The Guild curriculum also involves an in-depth view of Historical Art and Contemporary Art.


She attended the Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute in 2008 under the instruction of Chicago based artist, Isak Applin and studied Painting and Art History at the Memphis College of Art. Currently, she is working on obtaining her Child Development Associate Credential and is a teacher at the Middle Earth Early Childhood Development Center.

Lady Steward of the Order of the Solar
Knight of the White Shield
Viscount of Avalon
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