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The Dance Guild

The Dance Guild teaches Medieval and Renaissance dances to the members of the AOA, both for use in the Song and Dance shows held at fairs but also for various feasts, as entertainment and fun. Other skills are taught through the process, such as proper etiquette and interactions between different noble classes, and mannerisms that would be common during the time period typically studied among the AOA. It is a goal for the guild to have members to know the different styles of dancing, some of the more basic moves and terminology, and to have a chance to interact with each other in an improvised way.


In addition to members, the Dance Guild strives to involve the community in having a hands-on learning experience about Medieval times, and to share our own enjoyment with them. Audience participation dances are taught each year, and happen at least twice throughout each day at the Norman Medieval Fair to allow attendees a chance to learn a dance themselves. It also lets potential new members get a chance to interact with the AOA and see if it is something they would be interested in pursuing.

Meet the Guild Master

Rebecca Horner, Master of the Guild of Dance
Squire of the Knighthood
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