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The Drama Guild

Before William Shakespeare was even born, thespians roamed the country in wagons, travelling from town to town, to entertain the people and bring a bit of hope to their more meager lives. With the same intent stands the Drama Guild of the AOA. However, performing plays of the stories of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table for our audiences requires a bit of theatrical knowledge and understanding.


The Drama Guild teaches theatrical skills and organizes productions. The main production of the Drama Guild each year is the Human Chessboard at the Norman Medieval Fair. Members are encouraged to submit scripts to be used for this major production. the Drama Guild helps members edit the scripts, choose the directorial staff, and organize auditions. On a personal level, the Drama Guild helps members develop characterization and improvisational skills: from these skills, members learn to be better actors as well as how to socialize and interact with each other as public speaking skills. Bi-annually, the Drama Guild hosts a Summer play, in which members learn to act in a traditional theater setting; with stage work, and often performing plays from the Renaissance period to the Contemporary. In all aspects, the Drama Guild strives to improve the acting skills of our members and create a fun environment for all things the AOA does.

Meet the Guild Master

Mitch McFarland, Master of the Guild of Drama
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