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The Feast Guild

The Feast Guild of the Arthurian Order of Avalon is responsible for providing the food for our feasts and it makes sure that the membership is fed for all events. Here you can learn what foods are correct for the Medieval time period and how to prepare them. Historically, a feast would follow weeks or months of fasting. Feasting was a time to celebrate major holidays and gather together for merriment and fun. In the AOA, there are three major and two minor feasts that occur within a calendar year.


The Feast Guild requirements are divided into three levels. Apprentice level requires an interest to serve, assist with feast preparation, know basic formalities of a Medieval feast by studying and taking a written test, and have a food handlers permit(written test). Journeyman level requires you to serve at 2 feasts ( one of which must be a major feast), attend a feast workshop, Co-host a minor feast. Master level requires you to plan and host a major feast, assist feast mistress with a workshop(teach others what you have learned), complete a project for the guild, continue to serve the guild and the AOA.

Meet the Guild Master

Dawn Garrison, Master of the Guild of Feasts
Lady of the Order of the Solar
Baron of Avalon
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