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It's almost fair time!

This year, the Medieval Fair of Norman has gone virtual, and members of the AOA have been hard at work filming, editing, and getting our video submissions ready to be a part of the livestream event. It has been quite the undertaking, to say the least. With COVID-19 still persisting, we decided that - if we were going to do anything at all - filming had to be done remotely and be limited to households. This is not the ideal situation to record media, as it means individuals are left to record themselves. However, it revealed much of the hidden creativity of our members.

For real, we have some incredibly creative folk.

And now, we have several awesome videos that will be part of the livestream on April 9-11. Not only that, but we plan to post those same videos to our website shortly after the Medieval Fair. So come back and check out those updates!

Creating videos like these is something many members have talked about doing for a while, but with life getting in our way, we never made time to do so. But now, we made time to do so, and it is our goal to continue to make time to do so.

Please, take some time to check out the Medieval Fair of Norman. They have worked insanely hard to provide a digital fair venue and food truck event for people to enjoy during plague times. You can find out more at!

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