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Welcome to the Dragon's Pen!

Long ago, the AOA had a newsletter called the Dragon's Pen. It was a monthly publication featuring recaps of group events, member interviews, recipes, songs, original writing compositions, and fun facts about Arthurian lore and the history of the Middle Ages. Throughout the decades, it went through many different phases and authors, with some periods of hiatus. Now, we are excited to bring it to you in blog form!

Recreating the Dragon's Pen as a blog is beneficial in many ways - primarily, frequency. We no longer have to spend time composing a lengthy, once-a-month newsletter. If an event happens, we can write about it shortly thereafter. If one of our Guilds wants to share what it has been researching, or a project it has been working on, it doesn't necessarily have to wait for the next issue to be developed. In this format, we can update as we go along or as needed.

So once again, welcome! This is a new chapter in our organizations history, and one you will more frequently get to read about. If you would like to learn more about our group, peruse our website for a bit. Check out what we offer and what we're about; and if you would like more info on becoming a member, feel free to send us a message! You can contact us through our website by selecting "CONTACT", or by copy-and-pasting this URL:

Thank you for reading our first post, and we hope you enjoy what's to come!

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