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The Smithing Guild

By the sweat of our brow and the knives edge, by the forge's fire and hammers song, we will bend the unyielding to our will.


The Smithing Guild of the Arthurian Order of Avalon is dedicated to the education and crafting of weapons and armour to meet the needs of the populous for our chessboard performances. Also, simply for the love of our craft. The Smithing Master and assistants will work side by side with apprentices to guide them to acquire the skills and tools necessary to make leather, steel, and chain armour. As well as weapons. Blacksmithing can be utilized to craft other items such as cutlery, belt buckles and cloak pins.


Apprentices will learn the different parts of plate steel armour, different types of leather and how they can be used. The basic 4in1 chain maile pattern and some of the basic blacksmithing tools. Upon completion of five apprentice level projects, there will be a test before moving onto the journeyman level. Journeyman will continue to hone their skills with more complex projects as well as helping apprentices learn. A journeyman's skills and knowledge will once again be tested before moving on to perfect their skills at the master's level. A master in the guild will have shown proficiency in all aspects of leather, plate maile and chain maile. Have made and used a weapon in a performance. A master will have completed a full suite of armour and host a seminar to teach aspects of what they have learned. The Smithing Guild's fire does not live in the Forge but in the hearts of its members. Fueled by a desire to learn, teach and the pride we take in our craft.

Meet the Guild Master

David Thompson, Master of the Guild of Smithing
Knight of the White Shield
Baron of Avalon
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